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Making cheerleaders out of your happy customers

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The Power of 5-star Reviews

So the question is, which company (to the left) would you call? It’s a no brainer, right? Bala Cynwyd Movers. But why? The twenty three 5-star ratings, of course.

Not only would you call them first, but as long as they are polite and professional on the phone, there’s a good chance that you’ll probably end up hiring them too. That’s the power of being a 5-star business.


The Cost of Bad Reviews 

Just like in the example above, imagine you’re looking for a service provider – in this case a dentist. You haven’t been to the dentist in years and can’t get a personal referral.

As usual, you turn to Google for help. You run the search ‘dentist near me’ and you get the results to right of this. You might not know who you’re visiting yet but which dentist isn’t even going to get a call? A+ Family Dental Care P.C.

They actually have a respectable number of reviews but they are only rated at 2.8. Ouch! Do you think this business owner even has a clue as to how many clients they’re missing? And that’s the cost of bad reviews.

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There is a solution for review management

Your reputation should not be left to chance. We can actively manage your reviews so that your business receives 5-star ratings from customers that love your service and we can intercept bad reviews BEFORE they happen.

Our management of the process means there is no extra work on your part.  We handle the set-up and maintenance of your new review system and you just run your business. 

Why Chose Us For Online Review Management?

We Take the Awkward Out of the Process

Allow us to politely ask your customers for reviews so you can avoid the awkward moment of soliciting them.

Our process allows for the most honest and productive feedback so you can stand out online and make internal business improvements.

Earn Better Rankings in Google Search

Reviews are a key factor in ranking high in your local Google search results. Although Google is the largest, there are many other review sites that our technology gets you ranked for.

Higher rankings of course leads to more more revenue. Imagine what that will do for your bottom line?

Stand Out From the Competition

Your business can go from a few (or no) reviews to 20, 40, 60 or more in a matter of months. Imagine what that will do for your bottom line.

We've helped businesses of all kinds - entrepreneurs, plumbers, electricians, home remodelers, dentists, etc.

No Need to Learn Complicated Technology

We know the technology and the process to handle review management for you, while you go and run your business.

We've helped businesses of all kinds - entrepreneurs, plumbers, electricians, home remodelers, dentists, roofing companies, small firm lawyers, etc.

Let's Get to Work on Your Reputation