Google Ads

Finding customers one click at a time

There are a lot of companies that fall under the Pay-Per-Click banner, but there’s only one king of the hill, and that’s Google. The best way to understand the power of advertising with Google is to look at some numbers.

Good Ads search market share

75% of the Market

That’s right. Google dominates the online searches with 3 out of every 4 being theirs. So what does that mean for you? 

If you’re ads are running with Google, there’s a chance that you could be 1 of those 3. That puts you in front of that buyer when they’re looking for your service. As a local company, that gives you a real shot at earning that business.

65% Are Looking to Buy

They call that searching with buyer’s intent. And that’s just  a fancy way of saying they use words like “buy, shop, purchase, get or for sale”. Again, your ads could be in front of them. Those may seem specific to products but buyers of your service have a similar intent when searching.

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paid-search-vs-organic-search in lafayette hill

50% Better Than Organic Search

The ads that show up above the ‘natural’ search results convert 50% better than those search results. So by advertising with Google you’re basically taking a shortcut to the top of the list, and while you’re there you have a 1 in 3 chance of being picked.

200% Return on Investment

I don’t know of many small business owners that wouldn’t take this return. For ever $1 spent on ads companies average $2 in return. Now keep in mind this includes all those companies out there running boring, ineffective ads. 

The more creative and thoughtful you get with your ads, the more return you’ll see. Testing is the key. Write, run, analyze until you find the winning combination. And if you need help with that, give us a call.

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