Email Marketing

The right list, the right content, the right result

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching an audience to stay in touch with current customers, promote your brand, give news and increase sales. According to a 2018 study, email marketing out ranked social media, Search Engine Optimization, and affiliate marketing.

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Establish Clear Goals

This sounds obvious but make sure you’re clear about what you want the end result to be. 

Are you simply trying to give your brand more exposure? Are you looking to sell a product? Maybe a successful campaign will result in appointments set.

Making this clear will guide us through the set-up of the campaign.

Build or Buy an Email List

If you are a well establish business then you may already have an email list of your customers. This would be a great place to begin. They are already aware of your brand and will be more receptive to any offer.

If you do not have a list, there are services that we can use to provide us with a targeted audience.

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Select the Type of Campaign You Want to Send

Depending on your goals, there are a few basic options to consider. We could do an email newsletter – typically sent out monthly to stay top of mind with current customers.

There an announcement campaign. These are usually done periodically and like the newsletter campaign it’s more about providing information.

The campaign that most people would think of is the marketing offer campaign. This of course requires the most creativity and must be carefully written to be effective.

Create Your First Campaign

Now that we’ve done the preparation, we’re ready to build out your first campaign. 

We follow best practices making sure to set up the emails for easy reading, use images to boost engagement, personalize content, schedule at an appropriate time and, most importantly, make it easy for the recipient to convert.


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Measure Results

This is the fun part of any campaign – looking at the results. Because of the service we use, we’re able to see the number of unique opens, bounce rate, the click-through rate, and much more.

If the campaign is a success, as we hope, we can use this data to replicate the campaign. If we did not get the desired results, this information will allow us to make adjustments and try again.

Let’s Get Your First Campaign Going